Grow your own saffron

Saffron Production is a Must!


grow your own saffronAre you fond of saffron? Are you aware of what it can bring in to your life? If you aren’t aware of anything about saffron then by defining it below will make you conclude that saffron production is a must.


Saffron name comes after “zafaran”. It is Arabic word which means color yellow which is the Buddhist robes’ official color in India. It originates from Southwest Asia and Mediterranean before it was brought to Oceania, North America and North Africa, and starts their own production. According to history, saffron was first used as a scent for the Imperial Rome baths and public halls. In our era, we are using the plant dried stigmas in various cuisines as coloring agent and seasoning and when it is added in a cuisine, the food becomes classical and extra-ordinary. This is a food for the well-off. Saffron only means paella in Madrid, bouillabaisse in Marseilles and Milan risotto.


Saffron is considered as the most expensive spice in the whole world, this is why saffron production is a must! When you have saffron in your garden, you do not need to buy it on the market and it means that you can save more money while having an extravagant dinner.


Producing saffron can also make you a living. If you have a large yard, you better take advantage of it by planting one.
If you are thinking that saffron is hard to plant or growing it needs a lot of effort. You are wrong! Yes, this plant is expensive but it doesn’t automatically mean that it is hard to grow. On the contrary, it is very easy. It seems like you are just playing while planting it. You only need to plant the corms in summertime and when fall comes, the stigmas are ready to be harvested then you can divide the plants in every fourth of the year. Growing saffron doesn’t also require full attention. You can live it there and let it grow to its full bloom. You will see how it makes you happy seeing how the flowers grow. The flower is violet and they are very pretty! It doesn’t also require right temperature for it will grow in any kind of climate and it has the ability to resist insects and disease.


Now you are wondering why this is expensive if it is very easy to plant and grow. You might be also wondering why only few people have saffron production if it can be sold in a high price. The reason is that you have to produce 75,000 flowers in order to have a pound of dried saffron stigmas which can be sold at $70 in every ounce. Yes! It takes a lot of work, years and a large farm to gain from it. This is what makes saffron especial and this is what makes it costly. However, if you have a land and you don’t know what to do on it, planting saffron is a good suggestion. You can get more from it more than you can imagine. Plant now and harvest your fruit afterwards.


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